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News from Chauvin Arnoux Iberica S.A.

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18 July 2022

Case studies for professionals

Applications to help you in your work day
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08 April 2022

Oscilloscopes with isolated channels that fit in your hand

We present the new Handscope CA922 and CA942, from Chauvin Arnoux
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28 February 2022

The QUALISTAR moves up a grade

This is the star of our power and energy quality analyzers. QUALISTAR, Class A.
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26 January 2022

Comply with the R.E.B.T (Electrical low voltage regulation): 100% safe, 100% reliable, 100% Chauvin Arnoux

Do you want to measure well and save money at the same time? WE are the answer.
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17 November 2021

Keep under control the differential air pressure, air speed and air flow rate

New logger micromanometer
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30 July 2021

Let's communicate quicker and even more efficiently

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