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16 Apr 2018

New thermal camera C.A 1954

Equipped with a 160 x 120 detector and a 38°x28° wide-angle lens, the C.A 1954 camera is ideal for all applications in the building, electrical maintenance and mechanical maintenance sectors.

24 May 2018

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Control your CHAUVIN ARNOUX T&M equipment from your Smartphone or Tablet

18 Oct 2017

Make your work easier. Take advantage of your time.

19 Jul 2017

With the C.A. 1510, easily detect high concentrations of carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity.

09 Jan 2017

Insulation and electrical continuity testers

11 Apr 2016

Gama de 11 pinzas multimétricas CAT IV 1000 V que permite trabajar en instalaciones de baja tensión, garantizando un entorno de trabajo seguro.