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For a healthy and comfortable environment, check the indoor air quality

It's important to measure and register temperature, humidity and CO2 in all types of spaces

Ensuring a good indoor air quality is to have a ventilation system capable of diluting the pollutants emitted in a given space until achieving an acceptable concentration.

Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas. Although not toxic, in high concentrations it is associated with concentration disorders and headaches. It's not the only indicator of good indoor air quality, a certain temperature and humidity can contribute to the appearance of mold, which can release allergens and irritants.

Detect these levels on time with the C.A. 1510 and enjoy healthy environments in hospitals, schools, homes, offices, transports, etc.

Get COMFORT and HEALTH in a compact, easy to use instrument for fixed or portable use. It is available in white and anthracite gray.