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01 Jul 2022

List price 2022 - 2nd edition

Presentamos la segunda edición de nuestra tarifa 2022.

01 Jan 2022

Kit to comply with the REBT (Electrical low voltage regulation) - 2022

Complying with the requirements of the regulation, measuring well and saving money is possible. WE are the answer. 100% CHAUVIN-ARNOUX.

04 Oct 2019

Industrial Selection: new interactive catalogue

12 Jul 2018

New catalogue: T&M equipment

New catalogue 2018

All the portable equipment for test & measurment: multimeters, insulation testers, voltage testers, all for electrical safety, energy quality, physical & environmental measurements, and much more!

Current Clamps Catalogue

Clamp are designed to extend the current measuring capabilities of DMMs, power instruments, oscilloscopes, hand-held scopes, recorders or loggers, and other diverse instruments.

21 Jul 2017

Earth / Ground measurement guide

One of the basic prerequisites for guaranteeing safety on any residential or industrial electrical is to provide an earth electrode.